Battledream Chronicles: A new beginning

Battledream Chronicles: A new beginning

English Drama Comedy Adventure Animation

Syanna, a young black Caribbean girl, wakes up amnesic in an Afrofuturistic world where she has been enslaved by the global colonial empire of Mortemonde. Every day, she is forced to collect 500 experience points or XP for her master in the Battledream, a dangerous video game in which players die for real. With a kill switch implanted in her body and her limbs replaced by bionic parts controlled by the master, escape seems impossible. When she is offered a chance to learn in secret how to hack and control the technology used to enslave her, Syanna realizes that not everything is lost. But her master, driven by his lust for wealth and political power, is making the slave conditions harder and harder. And planning a rebellion while fulfilling her slave duty is getting more and more challenging. Will Syanna succeed in regaining her freedom?

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Joseph Marcell, Nickolai Salcedo, Allison Hinds


Nicole Brookes, Christina Sang St Catherine


Alain Bidard


Alain Bidard


Good film, cinematography and the people of caribe working together is too beautiful!

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Standalone Film Festival Standalone Film Festival