Khola Chithi (The Open Letter)


Khola Chithi (The Open Letter)

Bengali Short Standalone Film Festival

Khola chithi is a short tragic drama. The protagonist of the story fails to cope up with his job. His love

abandons him and he hoses his interest in life. Every moment he carved for a companion, someone with whom he can share his loneliness but his parents fail to understand him. His girlfriend had also moved on … the solitude killed him internally… being forlorn he attempts suicide..

It is not only accidents or natural phenomenon that takes life but depression, loneliness can too push you into tragic ends. Only if someone could hold his hand or if he could part with his emotions, probably he would be pulled out of the darkness..

Listening to someone’s problems can sometimes prevent from such mistakes..


Koushik Khan




Urnisha Banerjee


Subho Bag

Release Date:

Sept. 10, 2020
Played on behalf of
Standalone Film Festival Standalone Film Festival