Bengali Short Standalone Film Festival

‘Prometheus’ is an anecdote of friendship! Friendship with oneself. It's all about the amity between water and blaze. It expresses the bonding between heart and soul. There's always a 'Me' dwell within us. If there's true encouragement and suitable ambience, it can take shape along with its vivid characteristics and varied significance. A young chap, frustrated and shattered, lights a bidi while seating over a wharf and morsel of a spark helps to produce a complete new human being. This human being is the one and only companion of the young chap on earth. From the old pages of Greek mythology, Prometheus took a piece of blaze from the Sun and gifted to humanity. But, Greek god Zeus couldn't take this bounty positively! Prometheus was punished and apprehended. However, transcending the pale pages of mythological antiquity, even in today's fast growing world we are still amidst ordeals, condoning the curse. Mankind is still moving in the ebb and flow of failure, frustration and pessimism. Here, the blaze of the so-called bidi is a metaphor! The blaze is depicted as a symbol of human fluster and dilemma that on the other hand shapes a complete new human being who can be quite unpredictable. We all know that fire and water does not agree! Hence, finally the blaze got saturated through water. Exactly how gradually our conscience immerses in the deep ocean of reality. Surprisingly, the water has been the elixir of life since time immemorial. That's why water extinguishes the bidi but couldn't end up letting a human being deceased. The inception of humans is inevitable. Astonishingly, despite of being punished, Prometheus couldn't deny the significance of blaze in his life


Suvajit Das,Sabuj Barddhan


Anup Kumar Saha


Souvik Ganguly


Souvik Ganguly

Release Date:

July 16, 2020
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