Sparking Sunshine

Sparking Sunshine - 10.00

English Documentaries Animation Short

A retrospective look at the creation of the "Retail Sunshine" book series and how it inspired its creator to return to animation.


Phil Machi,Kevin Schilder,Steve Bartek,


Phil Machi


Phil Machi


Phil Machi

Release Date:

Oct. 31, 2020

Victoria Goodman 10

In a world of CG, it's refreshing to see a traditionally animated piece. The amount of work that went into this is beyond amazing. The animation itself is funny and adorable (something we can all relate to), and the documentary was interesting and informative. It's great to get a behind-the-scenes with the creator and watch a dream come true. 10 Stars!


Stevie Suhr 10

This documentary is an inspirational film about a cartoonist and his journey to becoming the artist he is today. I was delighted to get a glimpse into the history of how he created his characters and where the inspiration for his animated film came from. Phil's final animated short at the end of the film is just a joy to watch. Anyone that has ever worked in retail can identify with many of his characters and the situations they find themselves in. It was so much fun to watch; you will catch yourself laughing and smile at every second.


Megan 10

Wonderful behind-the-scenes look at Phil’s comic series, Retail Sunshine. It’s a delightful journey that takes the viewer from the artist’s early work & inspiration, all the way to animation; enhanced by fun, original music created by a couple musical heroes of his along the way. Inspirational & fascinating look into the artist’s process.

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