The First Outbreak

The First Outbreak - 10.00

English, Chinese Documentaries Standalone Film Festival

January 2020. Chinese New Year started when several cases of viral pneumonia have been detected in the city of Wuhan. A few days later, the epidemic is real, and chaos takes the province, the country... and the whole world. This film shows the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic in its epicenter. Be prepare for a unique document inside Wuhan houses and hospital rooms. It is not about the numbers, but the feelings of the real people who suffer this terrible disease.

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Juan Antonio Domínguez,Zhong Guo,Leland Ling,Víctor Fraile


Luis Galán,Ramón Campoamor,Haiyan Tan


Luis Galán

Release Date:

Dec. 1, 2020

Luis 10


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