A Bra Ka D Bra

A Bra Ka D Bra - 5.00


Bani a dynamic Basketball player moves from Hathras, a small town in UP to the city of dreams Mumbai.

She's smart, friendly, pretty. She acquires admission in a good college and has a supportive family too.

She becomes the Captain of her college Basketball team. 

She has everything going for her except her low self esteem. She's bogged down by her small bust size.

Bani becomes the constant butt of jokes and is called by all kinds of names resulting in a dreadful inferiority 

complex. She loses confidence, gets distracted while playing, fights with friends and is very miserable.

She even loses the attention of her budding and desirable boyfriend Vidyut. 

She tries every trick in the book to project a bigger breast size - wonder bras, massage creams, breast 

enhancers, pads etc... and eventually thinks of breast enhancement surgery.

Is that a real solution to her problems? Does she regain her confidence and lost Captaincy in the Basketball 

team? Does she win Vidyut's love? Does she reclaim her lost position in society?

Watch the moving tale of a struggling teenager dealing with the issues of body shaming and outer beauty.



Arpit Garg 5