An Indian Girl

An Indian Girl - 2.50

Hindi Drama Short Standalone Film Festival

"An Indian girl" is a story based on lives of four girls who have lived in entirely different circumstances . Just the way no person is perfect , each coin has two sides ,these four have their own flair and flaws . They have their own problems and challenges . How these girls manage to face all these things and fight their challenges is the most emphasized part of this film. 

The film talks about women's emancipation ,dignity , pride , welfare and self esteem . No matter how much we boast about women empowerment , Indian girls and women have not got the place that they truly deserve hitherto . This film is an attempt to touch this point . 

There have been already a number of films based on women empowerment and feminism but most of them have deviated from the real problems and only glorified fake feminism . This contrast is what makes this film stand out from all those feminist films . This will be the first film to show and talk about right and wrong without filters . 

First character is an Indian women, second one is a call girl, third one is an Introvert girl & fourth one is an extrovert girl but the most exhilarating and rousing part of the film is that ,all the four characters have been played by a single actress Mrs. Priyanka Khurana Goyal ,who has won Mrs Earth and Mrs India titles. 


Priyanka Khurana Goyal, Rajvir Singh Thakur, Abhi Khurana


Sourabh Lakshkar


Sourabh Lakshkar


Sourabh Lakshkar

Release Date:

Nov. 1, 2020

Bilal 5

Good storyline, acting and music. Well produced short, this storyline can turn into a feature film in the future.



cool actress!!!! deserves an award!

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