Short Standalone Film Festival

A completely white room, in the middle - white table with chess board and absolutely white chess. Person, dressed in black, is sitting at the table, and playing white figures. Suddenly, a white dressed person appere, ther are only white chess except black ferz, by wich a white person playing. Subsequently they interact, there is a struggle between them.

There are two characters: absolutely white and absolutely black. One of them is our good motives, sincerely good actions, a bright beginning in person. And the second is our "shadows," something that we can not love in ourselves. Some substance that behaves immoral, either aggressively or treacherously.
Chess and their steps are a person 's choice of how to go about a life situations.
Society pressure on us that to be bad is not good. But evryone has both as negative qualities as positive, they do not need to be abandoned, but need to be able to accept and manage them (so person in black and white costume takes both Ferzs at the end).
Also it is a daily choice - to choose black Ferz or white.

Release Date:

Jan. 7, 2020