I'm Gonna Tell God Everything

I'm Gonna Tell God Everything - 10.00

English, Arabic Short Standalone Film Festival

Anis is a social activist who determines to bring the civil war to an end.He gathers videos, photos and information about the brutal things happening in Syria and share them with the world to get help from kind and powerful people. He lives in a remote house in outskirts of Aleppo, Syria with his wife and 2 kids 5 year old boy Yusuf and 7 year old girl Samia. Most of the time Anis is out of the house in his Job, he became target to Pro Government and Anti Government organizations. His wife is worried about future of the kids she frequently argues with Anis to leave the place to a safer country.
Yusuf is playing outside his house, meanwhile an International media photographer takes a picture of him, the kid is scared, he thought that the camera with long lens as a gun and puts his hands up, the photographer explains him that it is just a camera.
One day a group of militants beat-up Anis very brutally before Yusuf’s eyes. Yusuf is very disturbed. An Indian doctor and family friend Mithul comes to their house to treat Anis. Mithul asks when the war is going to end, Anis answers that the rest of the world has to understand what is actually happening in Syria and help them to stop the war with humanity.
Yusuf is playing with ants, his mom warns him that “ants will complain to god, if you pain them “. The fundamental is deeply implanted into Yusuf’s brain he stopped playing with ants from then.
Meanwhile, the situations in Aleppo are becoming worse. The militant groups are in search of Anis to kill him. One day a group of millitants break into their house they want to kill the whole family, Anis request them to leave his family and kill him if they want. The militant group don’t want any one from the family to live. Yusuf is sleeping early that day in another room, he is not seen in the hall where the militant group captured rest of the family. They kill his mom, dad and sister. They search for any more people in the house, they could not find Yusuf. They set fire to the house. Yusuf is rescued with critical burns all over
his body. He is admitted into a local American charity hospital. Doctor Lisa is very touched with yusuf’s situation. Doctor Lisa treats Yusuf with love and affection. There is a big fight between 2 groups in Aleppo, both the groups are injured and they are rescued into same American charity Hospital. Yusuf identifies one of them as one of the militants who has beaten his father in the past. He questions Doctor Lisa that his mom told if we pain someone, god will punish us, but lot of people are pained, don’t god see? Doctor Lisa is touched with his question, she doesn’t know what to answer. He ask him to take rest as his situation is critical. Yusuf tell to Doctor Lisa “I’m gonna tell god everything” Doctor Lisa is unable to control her tears.
Meanwhile there is a big argument which arose between the 2 groups who are admitted in the hospital they are blaming each other that the other one ruined the country and reason for killing the people. Doctor Lisa is very upset that even after half of the country is destroyed they are still fighting , she shouts at them they are together ruining the country and are the reason for killing millions of people including innocent kids like Yusuf who is laying there fighting for his life .
Suddenly there is a beep signaling critical alert heard from yusuf’s bed. Yusuf is seen struggling to breath. Doctor Lisa pray to god to save him as they don’t have medical resouces to save the kid. All the people in hospital, the staff and the militant groups pray their Syrian song with tears while Yusuf is dying. The militant who killed Yusuf's family weeps with tears in his eyes.


Vivaan Bisoi,Nour Bitar,Essam Ferris


Dev Pinn,Jay Patel,Hari K Vedantam


Dev Pinn


Dev Pinn

Release Date:

Aug. 13, 2019

Essam Morsi 10

Moving story. Well done