Sfantu Gheorghe the only village on the Romanian seaside

Sfantu Gheorghe the only village on the Romanian seaside - 6.50

Romany Documentaries Short Standalone Film Festival

There is one village on the Romanian seaside where you will find the synthesis of the Danube and Pontic interferences connected in a subtle manner to the landscape in Dobrogea.

Three main characters define the whole context: the river, the sea and the people united by the water. The water is everywhere: in every minute you spend on a boat, in the waddling way people walk, in all the fishing stories and sometimes in their eyes. Don’t mistake them with the “lipovans” (ethnic Slavic group); they will soon correct you as they consider themselves as “Ukrainians” or “haholi” (ethnic group) and cherish very much their identity.

Sf. Gheorghe is a village situated at the mouth of the oldest arm of the Danube, counts approximately 971 inhabitants and was first mentioned in 1313 by Pietro Vesconte.

Any trip in the village invites the tourists to discover fascinating stories in which the main character is the fish. Migratory birds, aquatic birds and the presence of aquatic mammals along with the rich and diversified fauna of the Delta and the tranquility of the nature form the perfect scenery for a successful walk.

The wild beach from Sf Gheorghe is the most beautiful in Romania not only because is the longest but also because it has the finest sand.

But, perhaps no other landscape is more haunted by tourists as the mouth of the Danube. One of the largest mouths in Europe, being completely untouched, without any protection piers or other construction it impresses you the most when you watch it from the Buival Head. The river mouth in Sf. Gheorghe represents not only the end of the European civilization but also a portal to another world, marked by the mirage of the Pontic space.


Nelstill Video Production


Gheorghe Ion Nelu


Town Hall of Sfantu Gheorghe

Release Date:

June 19, 2020

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